Sulfuric Acid 98%
Sulfuric Acid (93%)
Chlorosulfonic Acid
Hydrochloric Acid
Saccharin Sodium
Liquid chlorine
High-purity Sodium Hyclroxide
Solution of Sodium Hypochloride
Dock & storage tank
Chlorosulfonic Acid


Properties and Uses:medicine, dye, detergent , cosmetics, military

Packing:anticorrosive storage tank    

Storage & defence:

1.Stored in cool, dry and airiness place, no mixed with inflammable matter, H-foamer, and alkali, Load gently, no breakage. Wearing personal protection during loading and packing.
2.Operated in seal condition.
3. wearing the personal protection equipment if contact with steam or fog.


The main quality index:

Quality standard

Premium grade

First grade

Salable product

Chlorosulfonic Acid %




Sulfuric acid%








Copper %






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